Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Jennifer’s Body (2009) TELESYNC
Jennifer's Body is a 2009 dark comedy and horror film written by Diablo Cody. The film is directed by Karyn Kusama, and stars Megan Fox as the title character, Amanda Seyfried as her best friend Needy, and Adam Brody as the antagonist Nikolai. It is scheduled for theatrical release in the United States and Canada on September 18, 2009.

Jennifer Check (Megan Fox) is the sexy, popular captain of the high school cheerleading squad. All of the girls want to be friends with her, and all of the boys want to have sex with her. Jennifer's friend since childhood, Anita "Needy" Lesnicky (Amanda Seyfried), is a nerdy, substantially less popular, "plain jane" student. Jennifer ends up as the sacrifice in a Satanic ritual, held by a rock band, hoping that the sacrifice will increase their chances of getting a record deal. The ritual goes horribly wrong, causing Jennifer to get possessed by a demon and start feeding off of the boys in her high school; First seducing them to get close, and then consuming them in a manner similar to that of a Succubus. It becomes Needy's goal to stop Jennifer from killing more of her classmates.

Demon possession, devilish cheerleaders, and Satanic rock stars are all on the chopping block with this horror comedy from the production team behind Juno. Screenwriter Diablo Cody provides the script, with producing duties handled by Jason Reitman and Dan Dubiecki. Girlfight's Karyn Kusama directs the Fox Atomic production. [D-Man2010]

Nerdy, reserved bookworm Needy and arrogant, conceited cheerleader Jennifer are best friends, though they share little in common. They share even less in common when Jennifer mysteriously gains an appetite for human blood after a disastrous fire at a local bar. As Needy's male classmates are steadily killed off in gruesome attacks, the young girl must uncover the truth behind her friend's transformation and find a way to stop the bloodthirsty rampage before it reaches her own boyfriend Chip. Written by The Massie Twins

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